SmartHeart Starter Mother & Baby Dog Food (1.3 Kg)

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SmartHeart Starter Mother & Baby Dog Food Mickscali

Suitable For Mother & Baby Dogs: Mother dogs during gestation and lactation period together with baby dogs require special care and balanced nutrition, SmartHeart Mother & Baby dog is formulated with high quality ingredients with high protein, which will help support both mother and baby dog's health and will enhance proper growth and development.

Ensures Healthy Development: SmartHeart Mother & Baby Starter Dog Food for your pup at the age of 3 weeks to help in puppy’s development. Puppies tend to gain 5 to 10% of their body weight everyday on an average at this time.

Provides Energy: SmartHeart Mother & Baby Dog Food provides instant energy and meets increased energy demands required for gestating and lactating mothers who provide milk to their pups and the pups who are in their starter stage.

Ensures Digestive Health: SmartHeart Mother & Baby Dog Food ensures digestive health for both the lactating mother and the pup as they both have delicate or weak digestion during this stage. After maternal milk this is the feed that helps a pup develop healthy digestive system as well as immune system.

Boosts Immune System: Since pups have a delicate immune system, it makes them susceptible to infections and loose tools. Therefore, SmartHeart Mother & Baby Dog Food helps in keeping their immune system strong as it consists of colostrum for building a strong defence mechanism.

Product Description

New born puppies and their mother have distinct nutritional requirements. This phase is crucial for the growth of puppies as well as the mother who needs to supply constant milk to her off-springs. A diet like SmartHeart Mother & Baby Dog Food gives high-quality nourishment to both puppies and nursing mothers of all breeds. The high protein content of SmartHeart Mother & Baby Dog Food builds muscle mass and strength in the puppies. It also facilitates a healthy production of milk in mother dogs. SmartHeart Mother & Baby Dog Food contains Choline and DHA from fish oil which are excellent for brain growth and nervous functioning in the puppies. This dog food is contains natural fibres which ensures healthy digestion and great stool quality. SmartHeart Mother & Baby Dog Food has sufficient levels of Vitamin E and Selenium for keeping strong immunity in the dogs. The diet of a weaning puppy and the mother dog should consist of adequate protein and fats. The fats keep the nursing mother energetic and the protein helps in the muscle growth of the pups. SmartHeart Dog Food Mother and Baby is a nourishing meal having a healthy blend of top quality proteins, fats and fibres for keeping excellent health in lactating mother and her pups. The kibble of the diet can be soaked easily in water that lets your pup to absorb maximum nutrition. SmartHeart Mother & Baby Dog Food also contains Prebiotics like FOS and MOS in healthy quantity for supporting healthy digestive and immune system. It consists of a balanced Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids content that maintains superb skin health in the dogs. The fish oil also provides DHA that boost the nervous system and improves mobility in pups.

After opening the pack, store the food in an airtight container in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

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